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Posted by TheGym On June - 3 - 2011

gymgroupM 300x219 About The Gym The Gym was founded in the Spring of 2010 (Originally titled ‘The Short Form Gym’) by Sofia Gonzalez and Chris Caldwell Eckert. They met with with fellow improviser Navaris Darson at a restaurant that served  hot bread baskets and decided on a concept. The premise: a low-key environment where performers could come, have a good time, and ‘work out’ their improv skills. You see how the title fits now, right? The SFG proved extremely successful and brought together a group of talented guys and girls who wanted to practice not only short form improv, but long form and sketch comedy as well. Thus, we evolved into ‘The Gym’. Our collective background is largely based out of The Groundlings style of improv, and every member in our troupe has a history of performing on that historic stage.

We premiered our troupe to the public in Spring of 2011, and have been performing on a regular basis ever since. On April 9th, 2011, we performed at the ‘Comedy Night For Japan Disaster Relief’ fundraiser in Sacramento, California, to do our part in helping the victims of the horrible Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated the region. This was an eye-opening experience for us, and it is our hope that one day our group can be a non-profit organization, intent on providing the world with laugher and doing some good at the same time.

Members of our troupe have been seen in numerous films, TV episodes, and commercials, not to mention the numerous comedy stages throughout Los Angeles. There is a storm of talent, and lightning bolt of drive, and a tornado of evolution, contained within our 16 members, and we’ve learned that we must control and focus these attributes… Sort of like The X-Men, you know? Thus, we work together for the greater good– in this case, making you laugh till you sweat.

If you’d like to know more about the gym, or book us for an upcoming show, please email us at



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Chris Caldwell Eckert performers Performing on 6-17-11

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